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Nandini Sood

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Nandini is the CEO of Design For Change, India. 

She is an alumna of the prestigious National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, where she specialized in Communication Design. 

She began her career in advertising film making but soon realised that she could not sell soap and biscuits for a living :) and chose to move to Education. Over the last 14 years in the Education sector, she has worked across multiple domains including, Education Management, Brand Management, Curriculum Design and Teacher Empowerment. 

Her core competence is an integrated approach to Managing Programs and Projects across functions and domains. She is a Manager with the head and heart of a Social Entrepreneur.

Her openness to experiment with, and incorporate new ideas makes DFC India an absolutely fun space to work at. 


Bhanumathi Sundaresan

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Bhanumathi Sundaresan joined Design For Change as a Jury member and later moved on to becoming Consultant and then Coordinator South India.  

She has 19 years of experience working in various verticals.  A Teach For India alumni, she has studied MBA and MA counseling psychology.  She is passionate about Education and ‘Teaching’ is her Super power. 

She is presently working on a sustainable model for the Southern states so that every child can use the FIDS model to say ‘I too Can.’ 





Sumedha Sharma

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After completing Masters in Psychology, Sumedha has worked extensively in the field of Education for over seven years. She has developed and designed workshop modules in experiential learning, life skills (including teamwork, leadership, effective communication) and has worked with organizations, youth groups, school children and college students across various platforms. 

Trained in theatre and Clowning, Sumedha has a lot of faith in the power of collaboration. She feels that individual energies when put together in a group, increase manifold and can create magic. She enjoys singing and feels that music brings people together. She loves conversations, stories, travelling, books, stationery, hugs, beaches and mountains. 



Akanksha Aggarwal

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Akanksha began her journey as a reader-writer who was and is bothered by the ubiquitous inequity and its easy acceptance in the world around her. Her own family background and other experiences have made her believe that education is one of the strongest empowering tools to create equal opportunities for all. 

At Design for Change, Akanksha is trying to bridge the theory and practice of school improvement and learning through Design Thinking. She was a Gandhi Fellow and has worked with Bombay Municipal School Headmasters on designing more engaging learning environments in public schools. 

She has studied literature from Miranda House, Delhi University and has a Masters in Development Studies from TISS, Mumbai.