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How can we help our children develop passion for knowledge and compassion for the world around them?

The world around us is full of challenges – from potholes to lack of education, discrimination to environmental degradation, failing economies to bad healthcare systems. All these and a thousand other challenges affect millions of people around the world. It was while trying to empower people to solve these challenges that Kiran Bir Sethi founded ‘The Riverside School’ in Ahmedabad in 2001, and ‘Design For Change’ in 2009.

Design for Change

To impact a positive transformation in the environment, we need to design solutions with individuals, rather than for them. Design thinking gives us tools and skills that enable us to stop assuming and start engaging, empathising and understanding. It helps us move from the current-state to a preferred-state – for ourselves as well as for others.

I Can

We believe the solution to solving challenges facing our society involves a change of mind-set – from ‘Can I?’ to ‘I CAN!’

At DFC, we believe that children are not helpless, that change is possible and that they can drive it. Together, we can take action and empower our students to create a happier, more peaceful and more sustainable world.

Feel. Imagine. Do. Share.

Through the four-step design thinking process of Feel-Imagine-Do-Share, we have empowered children across the world to bring a positive change to their immediate environment.