Every child has the RIGHT to

Graduate with the
I CAN Mindset, Today!


Empowering children with
crucial 21st Century Skills

Critical Thinking
Creativity &


Changing their narrative

From Can I? to I Can!


Transforming Education

Not by Chance
But by Design


Design for Change
is recognised as one essential step

to achieve the
UN Sustainable
Development goals

“In the first two years of our childrens’ lives, they go from crawling to standing to running to thinking, and just when they begin to feel this power of “I CAN!”, we tell them “You have to listen to us, you have no choice”, and very soon, they start saying “I can’t".”

Kiran Bir SethiFounder, Design For Change


4 Easy Steps to Create, Innovate &
Unleash Your I CAN Superpower!

The FIDS process outlines a child friendly framework for creating new and innovative ideas to solve a problem.

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our programs

Developing our very own superheroes, one child at a time! The I CAN School Challenge has now spread to over 5,60,000 children in India and is now in more than 60 countries! It’s free to participate. What are you waiting for?

India’s only Design Thinking Festival for students and teachers helps you experience the power of the award-winning framework – through workshops, dialogue, masterclasses and a host of fun activities!

Conceptualised specially for Government Schools, The Program focuses on activities that help improve Communication, Creativity, Problem Solving, and Leadership skills. We have now crossed 185 schools through partnerships.

We believe in the premise that every child can become a leader, not by chance but by Design. Designed for children 8 and above, the Boot Camps help children develop essential leadership skills through activities and workshops.

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equips every child to be:

AWARE of the world around them
ENABLED with the skills to take action
EMPOWERED to design a more desirable and sustainable future – TODAY!

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