Why is the DFC Mission so Important?

With the world constantly changing, children require a different set of skills to thrive in the 21st century. Classroom education by itself, is just not enough to prepare our children for the future. We believe:

Every child has the RIGHT to graduate

Design for Change empowers children to graduate with crucial 21st Century Skills of Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Creativity & Empathy.

We transform education through context, not content
And help change the narrative from Can I? to I CAN!

It is this I CAN mindset that equips every child to be AWARE of the world around them, ENABLED with the skills to take action and EMPOWERED to design a desirable and sustainable future – TODAY.

Because when children are PREPARED,
The world won’t need to be REPAIRED.

The DFC story

Design for Change (DFC) is a global movement that started in 2009 at the Riverside School in Ahmedabad, India, to give children a platform to express their ideas for a better world and put them into action – TODAY!

We do this by introducing Design Thinking to school children

and providing them an opportunity to immediately apply their learnings in a real-world environment and the results have been nothing short of fantastic!

How do we Empower Children?

Through collaboration with pioneering institutions in the field of Design Thinking such as IDEO and the prestigious Stanford d.school, we created a Four Step Process – Feel, Imagine, Do & Share (FIDS) to simplify the problem-solving process for children.

The core focus of the DFC Framework is in understanding a problem from the multiple perspectives of all the people involved and affected by the situation. Children then ideate, design and implement solutions, incorporating insights from their understanding of the needs of stakeholders.

Our Curriculum is guided by the belief that children have the potential to bring about change and the FIDS process is a platform to unlock their creative potential.