Think from your heart

The first step to creating meaningful change, is to try and understand how people feel and become more aware. We encourage children to look at their surroundings closely, talk to people involved and understand multiple perspectives.
It all begins with Empathy.

Visualize Change

The clearer you IMAGINE the solution, the better you can DO it. All ideas are worth considering. We encourage you to work together, involve your friends and brainstorm different ideas. But remember, the best idea, is the right idea (even if it’s one of the wild ones)!

Make Change Happen

At Step Three, it’s time to Be The Change! We pick the idea that is most likely to impact the maximum people positively, and then we get down to the details. Go over everything, from budget to resources and assignments and rely on teamwork to get it done!

If I CAN, You can too!

We want everyone in the world to be invited for this journey. The best progress is always together! By sharing your story with the world, you can inspire other children to say I CAN!