The DFC 21st Century Skills Program has been conceptualized and developed by Design for Change specially for Government Schools.

The Program has been designed to bring out each of the different skills nurtured through the Design Thinking process. The skills we focus on through different activities in this curriculum are Communication, Creativity, Problem Solving, and Leadership.

The goal is to get middle school children to come out of their shells, apply their knowledge and ideas to real-world situations and bring out their latent creativity through our Framework.

The sessions of the Program have been designed for children to understand and apply each skill. At the end of these sessions, children take up a DFC project to apply all the four skills in a holistic manner by identifying a problem, potential solutions and actionable steps that can be taken to resolve or alleviate that problem. The FIDS process provides a platform for children to apply the above-mentioned skills in an authentic and realistic manner.

The program was piloted with 120 government schools in Tamil Nadu in partnership with SSA (Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan) in the year 2016-17.

The program is currently running in 68 rural Government Schools in Odisha via a partnership with TSRDS (Tata Steel Rural Development Society).

All those interested in learning more about the program or getting in touch with regards to a collaboration (e.g. Government bodies, Corporates & Foundations working with Government Schools, etc.), we encourage you to call or email us directly! Our framework has been designed to work along with your existing curriculum and activities.