DFC Design Thinking Boot Camps are designed for children above 8 years of age. These are activity-based workshops that are designed around the premise that ‘Every child can become a leader, not by chance but by Design’.

Through the days of the workshop, children are taken through a Design Thinking process that they learn to use more effectively for the Boot Camp; and then later apply the same knowledge in more aspects of their lives.

Through this initiative, children realize their true potential while learning how to think like true leaders.  

How the program helps

The child will develop the attitude of a Problem Solver and the go-getter mindset that is essential for success!

Children are equipped with the tools that define leaders, CEOs and Inspirational Public figures at the top of their fields

The child develops crucial 21st Century Skills – Problem Solving, Communication, Creativity & Leadership!

The child will develop a ‘Design Thinking Mindset’ based on the values of Optimism, Collaboration and Empathy

The workshop is transformational, as it takes the children from “Can I?” to the “I CAN” spirit.

"Our child has started to ask more questions about everything. It’s almost like he wants to understand everything."


"My child had a lot of fun. His creativity levels have gone up immensely. He usually does not see things through and we've tried sending him for so many classes but it never lasted more than two days. This was one workshop where he would get ready on his own every day, and looked forward to his time at the workshop."


"Before, I was really quiet and shy and didn’t like to speak much with others. This workshop has helped me a lot and now I am very comfortable with sharing my ideas in front of the other kids. I know they won't make fun and we will do something awesome together."