India’s 1st ever DESIGN THINKING festival for educators and children helps you change the narrative and embrace the freedom of saying I CAN!

The DFC I CAN Festival enables you to experience the power of the award winning ‘DFC Design Thinking Framework’ through workshops, dialogues, celebrity interactions, and loads of fun activities!

I CAN Labs

Join us for an interactive journey into the DFC Design Thinking process! Don’t be shy. Go ahead and solve a LIVE challenge! Be mentored by the best design practitioners in the country. Learn to design like a Pro!

I CAN Masterclass

Interact, Question, Acquire! Meet some of the most iconic celebrities from the world of entertainment and sports and learn more about the dedication, mindset and skills that drive these champions to succeed! 

I CAN Openspaces

Cooperation and communication lead to something special! We encourage festival attendees to exchange perspectives, brainstorm ideas in a positive environment and collaborate with fellow thinkers and doers over games, art, music and fun.

I CAN Awards

Hear first hand from real life Superheroes. Celebrate and Get Inspired by award winning DFC stories from across India! If you’ve ever wondered what the future holds for India, this might paint a whole new picture!