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The stories submitted for the School Challenge undergo an intensive Jury process for evaluation. The DFC Jury comprises of accomplished designers and social entrepreneurs from all across the globe.

So what is the jury is looking for?

Stage 1

Online Evaluation

The DFC Jury goes through each and every entry in detail, and marks it on the basis of:

Feel: Demonstration of the understanding of others’ needs.

Tip: Show the different ways the children went about doing it for higher scores.

Imagine: Connecting needs to ideas.

Tip: Share a broad range of relevant ideas for higher scores.

Do: Successful implementation of the vision.

Tip: Did the team implement their ideas? Show how they did it for higher scores.

Share: Successful implementation of the vision.

Tip: Highlight the impact on the community, the children’s own lives and other unexpected positive results for higher scores.

These considerations help the Jury select 200 stories that go through to Stage 2 of the evaluation process.

Stage 2

Jury Meet

The DFC Jury meets at the Riverside School, Ahmedabad for two days to go through the two hundred stories and select the Top 100 stories.

This is a very intense selection process and each jury member goes through the stories several times before the final Winners List is prepared.

2018 JURY

Create the perfect Story of Change with tips from Ex – Jury Members


BE THE CHANGE And get a chance to travel the world!

BTC 2017 – SPAIN
  • BTC 2016 – CHINA
  • BTC 2015 – MEXICO
  • BTC 2014 – INDIA
Learn More about the BTC Conference

Represent India

Organized annually, the ‘Be the Change’ (BTC) Conference provides the winners from the I CAN School Challenge an opportunity to represent not just themselves and their school, but India, with their winning Story of Change. One student team per country attends the BTC Conference at a rotating location around the world.

A Platform for your Ideas

An invaluable learning experience, the BTC celebration gives our winning team of young superheroes a platform to express themselves and showcase their talents and ideas, while also bringing prestige to their school and families. The event honours and recognizes these young agents of change for their courage and determination to change the world around them.

An Experience like no other

As the celebrations bring together young change agents from across the world, giving them the opportunity to not just share their stories but, at the same time, learn from each other. The atmosphere at the celebrations generates positivity, inspires and motivates every participant, creating a real sense of possibility of the changes that our children can bring about in the world.

The 2018 celebration will be held in Taiwan