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The stories submitted for the School Challenge undergo an intensive Jury process for evaluation. The DFC Jury comprises of accomplished designers and social entrepreneurs from all across the globe.

So what is the jury is looking for?

Stories led by Children

Create spaces for children that are conducive to open dialogue. That is how children are able to give voice to their opinions and ideas. This also enables them to explore and break down complex challenges.

Focus on the User

The judges also look for evidence of children engaging with their community to understand different peoples’ needs and perspectives while dealing with the challenge at hand. Greater insight leads to better solutions.

Thinking beyond the Obvious

Generate a large variety of ideas, and select those that directly fulfil the needs of the people the children are designing change for. Students should try to think beyond obvious answers like raising money or conducting a rally.

Know the Impact

It is important for the children to go out and collect feedback and reviews from the community once their act of change has been completed. Outcomes are important!

The Change within

At the end, the judges like to see how the children have evolved their understanding and attitude towards the problem by talking, drawing and writing about it.

Quality of Sharing

There are points allotted for communicating our learnings and sharing the story of change with as many people as possible in as many different ways as possible.

Stage 1

Online Evaluation

The DFC Jury goes through each and every entry in detail, and marks it on the basis of:

Feel: Demonstration of the understanding of others’ needs.

Tip: Show the different ways the children went about doing it for higher scores.

Imagine: Connecting needs to ideas.

Tip: Share a broad range of relevant ideas for higher scores.

Do: Successful implementation of the vision.

Tip: Did the team implement their ideas? Show how they did it for higher scores.

Share: Successful implementation of the vision.

Tip: Highlight the impact on the community, the children’s own lives and other unexpected positive results for higher scores.

These considerations help the Jury select 200 stories that go through to Stage 2 of the evaluation process.

Stage 2

Jury Meet

The DFC Jury meets at the Riverside School, Ahmedabad for two days to go through the two hundred stories and select the Top 100 stories.

This is a very intense selection process and each jury member goes through the stories several times before the final Winners List is prepared.

2018 JURY

Arathi Abraham

Arathi has 25+ years of experience in branding, publishing and corporate visual design services. She teaches typography and publication design at NID and also serves as the Principal Designer at Chennai-based design firm, 99 and 1. Among her great achievements in the design field is the creation of Slate, a content development tool aimed at parents and teachers of children with learning disabilities, autism and low vision.

Deepak Pathania

An Industrial Designer and a hands-on inventor and problem-solver, Deepak founded Design Intervention India Pvt. Ltd. in 1998 and embarked on a fulfilling and fun science journey when launching D'Art of Science in 2014.

A. Balasubramaniam

A classic design thinker in every sense of the term, Balasubramaniam works in the cusp of design and innovation. He regularly applies design thinking principles when building new institutions and steering businesses in a new direction.

Amit Krishn Gulati

Founder of Incubis, an architecture and design studio, Amit is a highly accomplished industrial designer, entrepreneur and design educator. His repertoire stretches across new product development, healthcare, hotels, branding, retail experiences and spaces.

Anando Dutta

With over 30 years of industry experience across varying media, Anando is one of India’s most respected designers and is currently a Professor and the Head of Department for Communication Design at ISDI Parsons, Mumbai.

Arnab Chaudhuri

An animator and filmmaker from NID Ahmedabad, Arnab has been part of the television industry for more than 20 years. He directed a full-length animation feature film, Arjun: The Warrior Prince, now recognized as a landmark in the history of Indian animation,

Ashish Deshpande

Ashish is an industrial designer and co-founder of one of India’s pioneering design practices, Elephant Design, and leads the Product & Retail Experience Innovation group. A much sought-after speaker at various conventions and seminars, Ashish also conducts regular workshops and is a stalwart of the Indian design community.

Ashwini Deshpande

A co-founder of Elephant Design, Ashwini has won multiple awards for her work with global friends across industries. She has been recognized as one of India’s ’50 Most Influential Women in Media’ by Impact magazine for three years in a row and is a regular contributor within the community as a speaker, juror and mentor.

Balakrishna Mahajan

Co-founder & Director of Ticket Design, Mahajan has successfully led strategic product design development for various Indian and multinational companies over the last 16+ years. He leads social change through local skills/resources and global thinking.

Nishma Pandit

Nishma is a Co-founder & Director at Ticket Design and brings over 20 years of hands-on design realization and project management experience to client projects. By enabling her teams to understand the crux of every problem, she plays an integral role in converting the kernel of an idea into reality.

Praveen Nahar

Praveen is a Senior Faculty member in Industrial Design at NID. He is currently Activity Chairperson for International Programmes, Coordinator for Product Design & Head of Design Vision Centre. His insights have been invaluable to numerous academic and design research projects on complex issues.

Poonam Bir Kasturi

Poonam has been a prolific entrepreneur over the last two decades, founding Daily Dump, Playnspeak and IndusTree Crafts. She is an industrial designer, mentor and founding faculty of Srishti School of Art while somehow finding the time to be a leading speaker, writer and designer of workshops and seminars on the impact of design.

Ameen Haque

Ameen is a master storyteller, responsible for setting up the wonderful programme - Storywallahs. After 20+ years of experience in Advertising and brand strategy consulting, he invested his experience into opening the power of stories to the world. Ameen is also a keen proponent of the positive impact of culture in driving innovation.

Amit Sheth

Amit Sheth has three decades of rich and varied experience as a Professor and in the industry as an entrepreneur and innovator. Amit founded an industrial design and engineering consultancy, MIND’S EYE, to serve the ever-changing world of the electronics industry but the company has since become leaders in visual communications and interior design as well.

Rashmi Sethi Korjan

Rashmi is co-founder of Studio Korjan. She set up India’s first all-women product design firm after completing her education in Product Design at NID Ahmedabad. A tenacious innovator and design thinking expert, she teaches design at various institutes while championing the virtues of always being curious and constantly delivering value.

Sandy Speicher

Partner at the global design and innovation firm IDEO, Sandy is the managing director of their Education practice. She is very passionate about exploring how design can advance systems of education so that we create meaningful tools, systems, processes and experiences for today’s teachers and learners alike.

Jim Ratcliffe

An AR/VR University Program Manager at Google, Jim assists companies with quantitative and qualitative UX research and analysis. He is an expert at synthesizing their findings through user testing and maps the research to actual usability. In short, he is an essential contributor to any product innovation and development process.

Christian Long

An educator, designer, school planner, technology expert, educational futurist and a passionate advocate for innovative learning communities. An accomplished entrepreneur, he is the co-founder of a design studio, Wonder, and has also founded Prototype Design Camp, Be Playful and served as President & CEO of Design Share.

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Bala Mahajan: What we are looking for

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And get a chance to travel the world!

BTC 2017 – SPAIN
BTC 2016 – CHINA
BTC 2014 – INDIA
Learn More about the BTC Conference

Represent India

Organized annually, the ‘Be the Change’ (BTC) Conference provides the winners from the I CAN School Challenge an opportunity to represent not just themselves and their school, but India, with their winning Story of Change. One student team per country attends the BTC Conference at a rotating location around the world.

A Platform for your Ideas

An invaluable learning experience, the BTC celebration gives our winning team of young superheroes a platform to express themselves and showcase their talents and ideas, while also bringing prestige to their school and families. The event honours and recognizes these young agents of change for their courage and determination to change the world around them.

An Experience like no other

As the celebrations bring together young change agents from across the world, giving them the opportunity to not just share their stories but, at the same time, learn from each other. The atmosphere at the celebrations generates positivityinspires and motivates every participant, creating a real sense of possibility of the changes that our children can bring about in the world.

The 2018 celebration will be held in Taiwan


What is the last date to register?

Registration deadline for the 9th I CAN School Challenge is August 31st, 2017. The submission deadline is October 2nd, 2017. If you submit after 2nd October, your story will be considered for next year’s School Challenge. To register for the Challenge, please visit: http://challenge.dfcworld.com/

I made an account last year, do I have to register again?

Yes, you need to register again. Although, you can use the same account this year also. If you have forgotten the password, you may click on the ‘Forgot password’ link and a new password will be sent to your email id. Please complete the registration process by logging in to your account using your username and password from the previous year, after which you will be asked to fill in the basic information about the story on the first page i.e. Story title etc.

Don’t worry if you’ve not already started working on the project and don’t have all the details asked on the registration page. You could fill in anything for the time being. You can come back and make changes in the information columns anytime later, before submitting.

How many children can participate from One school?

We recommend that a core team of 5 students work on one story of change. However, this team of 5 can involve the entire class or school in their story of change

What is the student age limit for participation?

The recommended age for participation is between 8 and 13 years (Classes 3 and 8). However, we also welcome participation from older students who are interested. If students older than the recommended age group are participating, kindly mention that in your submission.

What is the process of submitting the story?

Submissions are done using the Challenge portal. Once you have registered, you can use your account to submit a story.

You can either submit a photo story, or a video story. In case of a photo story, you will be required to upload 4 pictures for each of the four steps – Feel, Imagine, Do and Share. For a video story, you will need to upload your video on YouTube and paste the link to your video on our Challenge portal. The video should not be more than 3 minutes long. Please remember to make your video public, when you upload it on YouTube.

How do I upload my video story to YouTube?

Sign into YouTube.

Click the ‘Upload’ button at the top of the page.

Before you start uploading the video, you can choose the video privacy settings. Make sure you choose to make your video public, so that it is visible to everyone.

Click ‘Publish’ to finish uploading your video.

Copy the link of your video and paste it onto the given space, on the DFC Challenge Portal.

Is there any limit to the number of Photos / length of Videos for the story?

Yes, you are required to submit four photos for each of the four steps – Feel, Imagine, Do, And Share. For a video story, the duration of the video cannot be more than 3 minutes.

Once I start my story submission process, do I have to complete it in one go?

You do not have to complete the story submission process in one sitting. At any time during the submission process, you can log out. However, it is important that you click on the ‘Save’ button at the bottom of the page, before logging out.

Can I submit more than One story of change?

Yes, you can. There is no limit on the number of stories a school/organization can submit. You can also submit all your stories of change using one account.

How do I go about submitting multiple stories?

Once you have started a story submission, you will see an option, ‘Start a New Story’ on the top left corner of your account home page. Using that button, you can start and submit as many new stories as you like.

How do I go back to completing a story submission that I had previously started & saved?

To move forward with/ complete a story submission, click on the hyperlink under ‘Story Type’ on your account home page

How do I update the basic information about my story, for instance, changing the story title or adding on to the story description?

To edit the basic information about your story, click on ‘Update’ on your account home page.

How do I update basic Information about my school / organisation, for instance, changing the given E-mail ID, address etc.?

To edit the basic information about your school / organization, click on ‘Update Profile’ on your account home page

How do I make sure that the information that I have entered on each page gets saved?

At the bottom of every page, there will be an option to save or go to the Next step. Please click on ‘Save’ to save your submission, before you log out.